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Welcome to Status Pro

The major focus of this site is on instruments required for the calibration and alignment of machine tools. In particular, we offer a great interferometer/ (μLine), a precision spirit level (μLevel) and a really effective machine tool alignment package.

We have also included a number of traditional engineering applications such as flange flatness measurement, parallel roll alignment and photogrammetry in our catagory engineering applics.

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Machine Tool Alignment

What advantages does the ProLine® series have?

Here we are occupied with the alignment of Traveling Column Machines, Portal Machines, Lathes and other 3-6 Axis machine assembles.

The T430 is a game changer here.
The T430 is a self leveling, self calibrating, sweep laser source used for the measurement of machine guide straightness, level, flatness parallelism and perpendicularity.

T430 specifications

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Interferometry with µLine®

Specifications of the μLine System:

  • Compensation unit is integrated in the laser head
  • Easy programmable in- and outputs
  • Wireless communication to sensor and PC
  • Speed up to 6 m/s in the base version
  • Small size, case 350 x 200 x 250 mm
  • Option 2D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000!)
  • Option 3D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000! – also for ProLine Systems)

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Spirit Level

Levelling with µLevel®

Features of the system:

  • Fast on site calibration
  • Easy handling of system and software
  • Displays the values on your mobile phone
  • Connection to PC and mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Rugged design and signal colour made for harsh environments
  • Resolution and Repeatability 1μm/m
  • Software and reference sensor can be added optionally

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