The global spreading of the Corona virus COVID 19 leaves us facing challenges of an unexpected kind!


The well-being and safety of our employees at Status Pro GmbH (Ltd.) is of utmost priority. The result of our precautionary measures ensures continuity in delivering the highest standards of business and operational performance during these difficult times.


We are still 100% prepared and ready, either:

  • over the phone
  • through the Internet/vidcons etc.
  • on-site if necessary

Contact us!
+49 2327 9881 0

All departments are still contactable, under implementation of the new safety regulations (partly in shift work and partly as home-office).




We can still help you with training in spite of these difficult times.

  • In the Form of a Video-steam Conference or Demo:
    We can show you all our instruments and many applications including software through live streaming from our Training center.
  • In some cases we can also visit you at your premises:
    Sometimes there is no alternative performing test measurements on your machine.  Particularly if the is new for us or or the requirements are not typical.
    In such cases with some planning and with the correct protective equipment and procedures we can come to your facility.


Maybe this is a good opportunity to freshen up on training.

  • Per Video-conference:
    Either we do the measuring and stream to you or you do the measurement and stream the video to us. Just call us so that we can plan it.
  • Conventional training at your premises:
    With good planning we can still do conventional trading at your premises.
    We can insure that it is contact free and maintaining the appropriate distance.
    We have the necessary protective clothing.

Service work and surveying, on-site:

Utilise the time at hand to inspect and survey your machinery and ultimately bring it up to scratch for when the ball starts to roll again.
Our professional measurement and adjustment team are ready and prepared for an on-site visit. Observing the new safety regulations (distancing, hygiene, protective clothing etc.) , maintenance work can be carried out as safely as before.This could be an ideal time to have your machine geometry measured. Again with the appropriate planning and equipment we can still do the all the measurements as before. 

Please call us and we will see what we can arrange.



Your Status Pro Team


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Measurement of a plane with a precision spirit level

It is possible to measure a plane with a spirit level system very accurate. The system itself measures a angle which has to be transformed into a height. By moving the µLevel over the surface you receive the relation between all measured points. In the picture above you can see the measured values in µm/m

By knowing the measurement-length it is possible to calculate a difference in the height. By adding all the height-differences you are able to express a straightness.

µLevel Software Screenshot


By using a specialised software the measurement can be performed in a short time. 

The connection can be done in different ways:
1. Direct connection to a PC via Bluetooth
2. Connection via cable
3. Storing of the values in the µLevel and readout to a PC later

So the µLevel system is absolutely flexible in the connection. It is up to you which connection you prefer!

µLevel – Precision electronic Spirit Level System for Machine Alignment

The precise alignment of machines is an important part of the Quality Management process. Especially in the tool machinery market precision down to a µm is required. The new µLevel system is an easy to handle yet very precise system for the measurements of straightness and parallelism.

µLevel – the easy system

You can use it as a stand alone instrument or in combination with software which guides you through the steps and then documents the results. You can also use two µlevels at the same time. Where one of them serves as a continuous reference.

You can also store the measurements in the unit and connect it to the software afterwards.

When dealing with instruments capable of measuring µm/meters you must not forget that the earth is not flat. Sound silly, but we are often dealing with machines of more than 10-20 metres length. The curvature of the earth must then be taken into account when using systems with a gravitational reference. 

We will see these differences when we compare our measurements carried out with ProLine and µLine systems for example.

Advantages of a spirit level system:

  • Quick assembly
  • Very precise, locally <1µm
  • Very little enviromental disturbance
  • Quite cheap 


  • The precision is only local, the smallest errors cumulate as the measurement is repeated along the line
  • Only measures vertically, what about the horizontal plane?