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Download our recent product overview:

pdf General Brochure

Service Application Form
Repair and Calibration



BR µLineµLine – Precise and accurate positioning


BR µWallyµWally – Measurement System
for the Calibration of Rotating Axes


BR 3D Etalon3D Etalon – Measurement System for Right Angles


TD µLineTechnical Data Sheet 


BA µLineUser Guide


Laser Interferometer Packages

SP µLine 10 Starter Package

pdf PC_microLine10_1090_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine10_1090_E       en

SP µLine 20 Professional Package

pdf PC_microLine20_1091_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine20_1091_E       en

SP µLine 30 Package in combination with ProLine

pdf PC_microLine30_1092_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine30_1092_E       en