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Measuring Parallelism

Gone are the days are when measuring parallel lines was for experts. With the ProLine® 300 System, measurement in concurrence becomes easy, fast and efficient. This is also a real alternative to even the most precise granit block.
Sketch of Parallelism

The Tolerance Zone is here ( like in Right Angles above ) defined by two parallel planes above and below the measured points The difference here is that the tolerance lines must be parallel to a reference line. Practically the reference line is either defined by two points or the “best fit line” through a large number of measured points.

Laser Measurement of parallelism between guidelines on a machine tool, explained by Nico Janssen

Nico explains the principle of laser based parallelism measurements with our ProLIne system in theory and on a real machine bed.
Parallelism measurement on a lathe with the ProLine 300 system.
Furthermore we measure the straightness of teach guideline. The complete measurement takes less than 20min! The squareness accuracy is better than 5µm/m!