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Component List

µLevel BT




Digital Spirit Level (BT 840100 [without Bluetooth] / BT 840100/1 [with Bluetooth])

µLevel is the precise Level for the measurement of tool machinery, assembly and quality control. Often a accuracy from below 1µm is required to meet the specification. Status Pro offers a variety of tools to fulfill the required accuracy. The µLevel is designed for the man in the workshop to measure tool machinery and measuring machines. The system is developed now for 20 years and optimized for practical use. Even the coulor is optimised for a better recognition.

Software zur Vermessung Neigungen, Laser, Protokokollierung, PCµLevel

Precision Level Software for PC 
(SW 200150)

By using a specialised software the measurement can be performed in a short time. 

The connection can be done in different ways:

1. Direct connection to a PC via Bluetooth
2. Connection via cable
3. Storing of the values in the µLevel and readout to a PC later

So the µLevel system is absolutely flexible in the connection. It is up to you which connection you prefer!


Software zur Fernsteuerung, Laser, Protokokollierung, AndroidµLevel Software for remote indication on Android System (SW 200190)

The software connects two μLevel systems at the same time. 
You can "zero" the data or show them a differential value. 
Furthermore you can use the dialer for a easy display.

Android Smarthone


Android based external display (IT 200611)
We offer a smart phone as a external display unit for the μLevel. This device can be used without a SIM card.
This mobile meets IP68 and MIL-STD 810G standards so it is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.
The 5’’ touchscreen is well protected.