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Collage Interferometer

ProGeo 3D® – 3D CMM Photogrammetry for Machine Builders

The advantages of ProGeo3D:

  • A complete practical photogrammetry package including CAD-comparision at a very attractive price
  • No third party software required:
    ➜ Complete your measurement and reporting inone easy to use software!
  • Point Detektion accuracy up to 30 μm:
    ➜ We can demonstrate this accuracy using an interferometer.
  • Measurement and analysis of deformationAnalysis of movement in 3D
  • Positioning in 3D
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Target Performence comparison
  • Easy quality check
  • Cost efficient
  • Simple – handsome Quality control
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Inclusion of Tachymeter, and Laser tracker co-ordinates
  • Customisation is welcome
  • We have the capacity to make customer specific changes quickly and at very reasonable cost
  • Mechanical engineering expertise:
    ➜ 20 years of experience in the manufacture of high precision laser measurement tools down to 1μm accuracy
  • We offer comprehensive measurement services
  • Easy to learn and use