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Interferometry with µLine®


position measurement

Position Measurement


Specifications of the µLine System:

  • Compensation unit is integrated in the laser head
  • Easy programmable in- and outputs
  • Wireless communication to sensor and PC
  • Speed up to 6 m/s in the base versionSmall size, case 350 x 200 x 250 mm
  • Option 2D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000!)
  • Option 3D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000! – also for ProLine Systems)

Position measurement and calibration with a µLine Laser interferometer in short theory and praxis

The µLine 20 system is a easy to use but absolut high precision laser interferometer.
This video shows the usage of the system, how to align it and how to use the software. If you perform the alignment a couple of times you will be able to do it within 5min.
Please have a look at the video for the first training.
If you need a personal trainign Status Pro or or distributors can offer it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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µLine with µWally in combination


Accessory for the Calibration of Rotating Axes

µWally is a upgrade for the laserinterferometer µLine. The system offers the highest possible precision for the measurement and calibration of rotary axis by performing a auto calibration.

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3D Measurement

3D Etalon

Measurement of right angles

The complexity of machines is always increasing and the growing
popularity of multi-axes machines necessitates newer measurement

The 3D Etalon in addition to our µLine System offers you a great tool to measure right angles.


  • easy to use
  • high accuracy up to 2 asec
  • setup and complete measurement < 20 min!
  • calibrated

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The quickest way to measure a lathe!


  • Straightness
  • Chuck axis vs. tool holder movement
  • Runout and bearing gap
  • Squareness
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • CNC Path generation
  • Integrated display
  • Measurement according to DIN/ISO
  • Bluetooth
  • > 20 h battery life Fast and easy