The global spreading of the Corona virus COVID 19 leaves us facing challenges of an unexpected kind!


The well-being and safety of our employees at Status Pro GmbH (Ltd.) is of utmost priority. The result of our precautionary measures ensures continuity in delivering the highest standards of business and operational performance during these difficult times.


We are still 100% prepared and ready, either:

  • over the phone
  • through the Internet/vidcons etc.
  • on-site if necessary

Contact us!
+49 2327 9881 0

All departments are still contactable, under implementation of the new safety regulations (partly in shift work and partly as home-office).




We can still help you with training in spite of these difficult times.

  • In the Form of a Video-steam Conference or Demo:
    We can show you all our instruments and many applications including software through live streaming from our Training center.
  • In some cases we can also visit you at your premises:
    Sometimes there is no alternative performing test measurements on your machine.  Particularly if the is new for us or or the requirements are not typical.
    In such cases with some planning and with the correct protective equipment and procedures we can come to your facility.


Maybe this is a good opportunity to freshen up on training.

  • Per Video-conference:
    Either we do the measuring and stream to you or you do the measurement and stream the video to us. Just call us so that we can plan it.
  • Conventional training at your premises:
    With good planning we can still do conventional trading at your premises.
    We can insure that it is contact free and maintaining the appropriate distance.
    We have the necessary protective clothing.

Service work and surveying, on-site:

Utilise the time at hand to inspect and survey your machinery and ultimately bring it up to scratch for when the ball starts to roll again.
Our professional measurement and adjustment team are ready and prepared for an on-site visit. Observing the new safety regulations (distancing, hygiene, protective clothing etc.) , maintenance work can be carried out as safely as before.This could be an ideal time to have your machine geometry measured. Again with the appropriate planning and equipment we can still do the all the measurements as before. 

Please call us and we will see what we can arrange.



Your Status Pro Team


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David Foley

"Guiding principles at Status Pro

The following ideas serve as an orientation for the way we do things at Status Pro. 

Our customers pay our wages 
Our Customers have wishes and expectations. Fulfilling these wishes and meeting these expectations is the measure of our success. Therefore customer oriented decision making at all levels is our most fundamental guiding principle.

Quality and reliability 
We develop and manufacture instruments for machine tool builders. We are grateful and more than a little proud that almost all of the central European and many other machine tool builders from around the world are our customers today.  When it comes to precision and reliability there are not many groups of people in the mechanical engineering world with higher expectations and requirements than machine tool builders. Correspondingly Quality assurance is a big deal here at Status Pro.     
Our Quality management System is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 principles.  
Our next step will be accreditation for the DAkks for inclination and relative distance measurement.

Innovation and learning
Our Innovation is typically customer driven. Indeed customer specific solutions and particularly software is an important part of our business and a great opportunity to learn. Over the years we have learned a great deal from building customer specific measurement solutions. Most of our of the shelf solutions have profited by this intensive customer interaction.  We continuously strive to make the innovation practicable and reliable. This is often the biggest challenge and we can only achieve through continuous improvement and continuous customer feedback.

Respect und trust 
We are convinced that most people are willing to give their best to achieve the goals they understand and share. Any well functioning long term relationship must be based on a high degree of trust and respect. We must provide our employees with the information and the best tools and working environment possible, to facilitate this principle.

Consistency und teamwork 
In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, Investors and Business Partners we have no choice but to work consistently and as a team. Consistency and reliability are preconditions of real teamwork especially between different organisations. Therefore we must continuously strive for consistency and reliability."

David Foley (Management)