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Roll Parallelism
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Roll Parallelism


Roll Parallelism with ProRoll®

ProRoll® is a professional software for measuring and aligning roll parallelism.

This laser alignment package offers:

  • Superb user interface: Practical and ergonomic Colour Touchscreen UMPC, rugged and light   
  • Automatic connection management
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Any reference roll or line can be chosen during the measurement
  • Hundreds of rolls can be managed at the same time
  • Different methods to measure rolls
  • Pick up tool for a given reference line
  • Export possibility as *.csv for use in Excel
  • Extensive commenting and reporting facility
  • Export the report using USB, W-LAN

Checking Roll parallelism for paper and steel plants

Status Pro offers the ProRoll system for a precise alignment of Roll parallelism is one of the greatest disciplines within industrial surveying techniques. 

We combine 2 different sensor types and the rotating laser to optimize this procedure. The basic idea is that we use the rotating beam to buck-in to the machine line. We use the IR Laser control in conjunction with the R310 receivers to make this quick. Then we use the standing beam which is always at right angles to the Rotating plane to pick up each roll position.

RollCheck Transmitter and RollCheck Reflector on rolls

RollCheck Logo by Seiffert Industrial Inc.
by Seiffert Indusrial

– Laser Alignment Tool for accurate Visual Alignment of Rolls


RollCheck Brochure

Overview of Advantages:

  • Reduces down time and product waste due to misalignment of rolls
  • Increases production with proper alignment of rolls
  • Compact design, fits into small spaces
  • FAST and EASY to use
  • No training required
  • One-person operation
  • Facilitates more frequent roll checks
  • Pays for itself quickly
  • Uses proven reflected laser beam technology
  • Used for shots up to 3m

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