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Machine Tool Alignment

Machine Tool Alignment

Equipment zur Kalibrierung von Werkzeugmaschinen

Correction of Kinematic errors

In this section we are occupied with the alignment of machining centres, traveling column machines, Portal machines. lathes and a variety of other smaller machine with 3 to 6 axis. For all these machines the basic machine geometry is essential for product quality and reliability and longevity. Along any guide axis we have a variety of kinematic errors, such as  roll, nick, yaw errors together with positioning errors. Further the perpendicularity and the parallelism of this axis to one another is of great importance. An understanding of machine tool error sources and there correction is the first step in minimizing and compensating for these errors and therefore achieving high-accuracy machined parts.

Since the 1950’s these errors have been measured and corrected using spirit levels, piano wire, Granit blocks and dial indicators. Since the 1980’s the glass scale position error has been corrected with an interferometer like µLine.

Since the 1990’s Pressure to improve the precision the ease of use, the documentation and the speed of these measurements have given rise to precision digital spirit level like µlevel and a variety of laser alignment devices. Status Pro has been working on some practical solutions since 1995.

For example you can measure perpendicularity in two axes in less than 30 minutes with µm precision with our T430.  That’s what this section is about.

Application Information

Click on a symbol to get background info for a specific measurement task:


Pitch / Roll  Pitch/Roll                  Parallelism Position                     5-Achs-Messung  5-axis measurement

What are the packages about?

We make a bunch of laser transmitters and receivers, sensors, mechanical adaptation and software. To make things a bit easier we have made packages for typical user customer requirements.

For example if you need to do machine tool alignment and you require straightness, level, right angels and parallelism then you probably need a ProLine 300 package. This probably contains all the elements you need. If not you can add whatever you need as you need it. 

If you only want to measure straightness then the ProLine 100 is a good start.
A Proline 200 has more capability than a ProLine 100.

Most of the packages can be upgraded or downgraded after you get more experience.

prolevela®_100 – for flatness and level

Need a to measure and align machine beds and tables?

Replace your spirit level and old levelling tools with the ProLevel® 100 system!  It is ideal for aligning machine tables. It records and saves all measured data with the help of easy-to-use software for your laptop.
Completely compatible with ProLine® components.

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proline®_200 – Straightness, Flatness, Level

The extended straightness set with option for flatness, perpendicularity and parallelism

allows measurement of straightness and offers an easy upgrade possibility for flatness, levelling and perpendicularity with just another sensor!

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The complet set: proline®_300

The complete set for straightness, perpendicularity, parallelism and flatness.

For those who cannot afford to miss a notch:
Flatness and Level, Straightness, Right Angles and Parallelism
– the full range ProLine Kit – top-notch!

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ProLine Toolkit


Precise and effective Measurements require an appropriate mechanical adaptation.
You need to have the right kit in the right place at the right time.
This is adapter package is a must for professional alignment people.
Naturally all the individual elements are separately available.


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Pitch and Roll errors

μLevel is a precision Level system for measurements up to DIN 876/000. According to your requirements we can offer a wide range from a simple handheld system up to a differential system with software.

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