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Measuring Tools

Laser Interferometer

µLine Laser LH2

Laser with integrated Compensation Unit (BT 840205)

µLine – the precise Laser Interferometer for the compensation of tool machinery, assembly and quality control. Often a accuracy from below 1µm is required to meet the specification. Status Pro offers a variety of tools to fulfill the required accuracy. The µLine is designed for the man in the workshop to measure tool machinery in 3D and to calibrate it. The system is developed now for 20 years and optimized for practical use.

Laser Interferometer

µLine IL1

Linear Interferometer (BT 840270)

Laser Reflektor

µLine RL1

Linear Retro Reflector (BT 840280)


µLine T1, T2, T3

Linear Base Temperature Sensor
(BT 840290)

Manueller Auslöser für µLine System

Manual Trigger for µLine System

(BT 840310)

3D Prisma für µLine System

µLine 3D Etalon

Also suitable for ProLine Systems! (BG 840260)

You will be able to measure directly in 2 axes. The 3D prism offers a gap-free gearing which is turnable in 15° steps. The precise alignment can be done using a fine adjustment.