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Alignment Kit Overviews


ProLine® 100

Straightness Starter Package

pdf PC_ProLine100_1150_D       DE
pdf PC_ProLine100_1150_E       en

ProLine® 200

Straightness and Flatness Package,
Perpendicularity optional 

pdf PC_ProLine200_1151_D       DE
pdf PC_ProLine200_1151_E       en

ProLine® 300

Professional Package
for Straightness, Flatness, Parallelism
and Perpendicularity

pdf PC_ProLine300_1152_D       DE
pdf PC_ProLine300_1152_E       en

Erweiterungspaket für den Messaufbau

Tripod and Adapter Package for the T430 and T250

pdf PC_100101-DE       DE
pdf PC_100101-EN       en

Alignment kits for Flatness & Level


SP ProLevel 50

Starter Package

pdf PC_ProLevel_50_100110_DE   DE
pdf PC_ProLevel_50_100110_EN   en

SP ProLevel 100

Starter Package

pdf PC_ProLevel100_100190_DE   DE
pdf PC_ProLevel100_100190_EN   en

SP ProLevel 200

Starter Package with IT

pdf PC_ProLevel200_100119_DE   DE
pdf PC_ProLevel200_100119_EN   en

Alignment Packages for Flange Measurement

SP ProFlange 100

Starter Package

pdf PC_ProFlange100_100218-DE    DE
pdf PC_ProFlange100_100218-EN    en

SP ProFlange 200

Professional Package

pdf PC_ProFlange200_100219-DE    DE
pdf PC_ProFlange200_100219-EN    en

Alignment Packages for Bearing Ways and Bores

SP ProOrbit 10
Starter Package

pdf PC_ProOrbit10_1025_D       DE
pdf PC_ProOrbit10_1025_E       en

SP ProOrbit 20
Professional Package

pdf PC_ProOrbit20_1036_D       DE
pdf PC_ProOrbit20_1036_E       en

SP ProOrbit 30
Professional Package with IT

pdf PC_ProOrbit30_1045_D       DE
pdf PC_ProOrbit30_1045_E       en

Alignment Packages for Roll Parallelism

SP ProRoll 100

Professionelles Package

pdf PC_ProRoll100_100220-DE    DE
pdf PC_ProRoll100_100220-EN    en

SP ProRoll 200

Professional Package with UMPC

pdf PC_ProRoll200_100221-DE       DE
pdf PC_ProRoll200_100221-EN       en

Laser Interferometer Packages

SP µLine 10
Starter Package

pdf PC_microLine10_1090_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine10_1090_E       en

SP µLine 20
Professional Package

pdf PC_microLine20_1091_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine20_1091_E       en

SP µLine 30
High-End Package with µLine

pdf PC_microLine30_1092_D       DE
pdf PC_microLine30_1092_E       en

Alignment Packages for Levelling

SP µLevel 10
Starter Package

pdf PC_microLevel10_1061_D       DE
pdf PC_microLevel10_1061_E       en

SP µLevel 20
Starter Package with IT

pdf PC_microLevel20_1062_D       DE
pdf PC_microLevel20_1062_E       en

SP µLevel 30
Professional Package with IT

pdf PC_microLevel30_1063_D       DE
pdf PC_microLevel30_1063_E       en

SP µLevel 40
Differential Levelling Package with IT

pdf PC_microLevel40_1077_D       DE
pdf PC_microLevel40_1077_E       en

SP µLevel 80
Professional Package for differential measurements in both axes

pdf PC_microLevel80_100249-DE       DE
pdf PC_microLevel80_100249-EN       en
This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website.
Other cookies will only be used with your consent. Privacy.