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Offset Coupling

Fixturlaser Kardan

Fixturlaser OffsetXA

Machines with offset drives are often thought of as insensitive to angular errors between driving and driven shaft. Vibration analyses and experiences from paper industry professionals have proved that this is not the case.

The Offset fixture comes with a number of methods of attachment. The system is designed so you can, in most cases, utilize the coupling bolts themselves when mounting the arm on the flange.

The Offset laser fixture is adjustable in a plane parallel to the flange face of the stationary machine and can be set at any position to eliminate the offset from the driven unit.

The built-in lasers in each turret are pre-adjusted so the laser beam represents the axis of rotation for the unit it is mounted on.

The Clock method is used to get the result. In the Clock method, machinery positions are calculated by taking three points with 180 degrees of rotation.

Technical specification*
Weight, standard system (incl. case) 9,8 kg
Weight, standard system (incl. optional equipment and case) 11,9 kg
Dimensions of case (L x H x W) 780 x 325 x 135 mm
Max distance between bolt holes 360 mm
Max offset 650 mm
Material Anodized Aluminum
Laser Pointer Class 2 Laser
Operating temperature (laser pointer) 0°C - +50°C
Storage temperature (laser pointer) -20°C - +70°C
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.