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Machine Dynamics OL2R

Fixturlaser OL2RXA

Does any of your critical machines experience continuous high levels of vibrations? Need to do something about it? With Fixturlaser XA and the Fixturlaser OL2RXA Expansion kit you can measure in both cold and hot condition and find out the machine´s unique target values. Transfer these values and continue the shaft alignment by aligning according to recommended tolerances.

The OL2RXA fixtures combined with the Fixturlaser XA system, will provide you with:

  • An Express Set Up without using the display unit
  • A function for continuing the measurement or to save for the future
  • An Express Result - the individual target values

Measurements of dynamic movements are used for critical machines within industries, where large temperature differences or other disturbing factors exist. The need for dynamic measurements is indicated by a high level of vibrations. These high levels remain even after having performed shaft alignment in cold condition. There can be a situation where two identical machines behave totally different, even though OEM recommendations have been taken into consideration, during the alignment. In order to obtain unique and exact target values, measurements in both hot and cold condition have to be performed. Thereafter, the difference is used as machine unique target values for precision shaft alignment. The Fixturlaser OL2RXA expansion kit helps you to overcome this costly and time consuming problem.

Technical specification*
Weight of system (incl. case) 5,2 kg
Weight of system (excl. case) 3,2 kg
Dimensions of case (L x H x W) 335 x 270 x 150 mm
Laser pointer Class 2 Laser
Material Anodized Aluminum
Operating temperature (point laser) 0°C - +50°C
Storage temperature (point laser) -20°C - +70°C
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.