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MoveAssist Pro

MoveAssist Pro im Einsatz

The universal tool for lateral machine adjustment

Status Pro, specialist for laseroptical Shaft Alignment and Condition Monitoring presents a stunning innovation for all maintenance professionals: the machine alignment & adjustment tool MoveAssist® Pro.

With this helpful accessory kit you can easiliy adjust 
and align all machines without built-in adjustment bolts. High-Precision machine positioning within narrow tolerances across all your equipment & machinery could be managed fast and accurate. No more need for tossing an turning heavy motors with distroying use of sledgehammers or crowers. And in consequence you can avoid damage to groundings and baseplates, components and machine connections. The utilisation is as simple as universal.

Loosen machine feet, put on MoveAssist® Pro onto the bolt head, turn adjustment screw of the tool, control movement - that‘s it. MoveAssist® Pro is available in 2 ver- sions: for machine bolts up to wrench size AF 30 and up to AF 46. 

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Shaft Alingment Accessories

Here you can download an overview of our accessories.

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