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Fixturlaser NXA Pro



The best just got better!

We proudly present the NXA the new standard in Laser shaft alignment. The XA became a standard in shaft alignment because the user interface was so good that training became almost unnecessary. The NXA takes this great idea further.




How is misalignment recognized?

There are several symptoms indicating misalignment. By keeping your eyes open you can find them without any special equipment.

  • Premature bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failure
  • Excessive radial and axial vibrations
  • High casing temperature at or near the bearings or high discharge oil temperature
  • Excessive amount of oil leakage at the bearing seals
  • The coupling is hot while it is running and immediately after unit shutdown.
  • Look for rubber powder inside the coupling shroud
  • Loose foundation bolts
  • Loose or broken coupling bolts
  • Excessive amount of grease on the inside of coupling guard
  • Similar pieces of equipment are vibrating less or seem to have longer operating life
  • The shafts are breaking (or cracking) at or close to the inboard bearings or coupling hubs