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Fixturlaser GO Basic


Just align it!

GO Basic

Why complicate things? Using laser shaft alignment systems will make your everyday life so much easier, compared to using the traditional methods, such as dials, straight edges, etc.
Fixturlaser GO is the latest addition to the Express Alignment product range, with the typical characteristics of a laser alignment system from Fixturlaser. It is an uncomplicated laser alignment tool for every maintenance professional who is concerned about the machines’ length of life.

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Several of its features are adopted from the innovative Fixturlaser XA system, which will reduce the time spent on pre-alignment actions, measurement registration, performing the actual alignment, remeasuring to make certain that you have a correctly aligned machine; and, finally, documenting the measurement data. The measurements can be transferred to a PC by connecting the display unit to the PC´s USB connection. When connected the display unit appears as a mass storage device in your PC. Files are then easily transferred to a folder in the PC.