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T430 Rotational Laser


T430 Laser Transmitter

Probably the best rotational laser money can buy.

Geradheit  Parallelität Ebenheit Rechtwinkligkeit

Software ProLine v4

Straightness Measurement with ProLine®

Pro Line – The most practical straightness software

  • Straightness in X and Y simultaneously
  • Automatic z-axis log with Disto Com
  • “hands free” measurement with automatic point capture
    ➙ automatic measurement of twist / roll with µLevel
    ➙ fast and easy measurement
  • intelligent value evaluation
    ➙ be sure about your measurement
  • Resolution 0.1 µm
  • Superb user interface: practical and ergonomic, colour Touchscreen UMPC, rugged and light, intuitive usage and flexibility
  • Automatic sensor recognition
    ➙ no mess with cables
  • Raw data, zeroed or use the best fit feature
  • Export possibility as *.csv for use in Excel
  • Extensive commenting and reporting facility
  • Export the report using your USB memory stick
    ➙ invest in the future
Geradheitsmessung mit Lasertechnik
Surface Measurement

Surface Measurement with ProLevel®

ProLevel is a first class alignment software for measuring the flatness of surfaces in level or relative to one another.

  • Fast and easy setup and measurement
    ➙ you save time and money!
  • Flatness on rectangular, circular or more complex surfaces
    ➙ absolute flexible
  • Rapid template definition
    ➙ prepared measurements
  • Detector with 80 mm range and possibility to measure outside
    ➙ measurement in the sunlight is possible
  • Direct evaluation of flatness in 3D and in colour
    ➙ faults can be corrected directly
  • Superb user interface: practical and ergonomic 
  • Colour Touchscreen UMPC, rugged and light
    ➙ intuitive usage and flexibility
  • Automatic connection management
  • No Bluetooth problems
    ➙ no mess with cables
  • True level, three point reference or use the best fit feature
  • Export possibility as *.csv for use in Excel
  • Complete control over the 3D image


Granite master Blocks are almost always too small and too heavy.
The T430 is a real alternative. The package weighs < 10kg and supports squareness measurement (including Level) of up to 10 meters.

T430 Case

Content of the T430 Case

QuantityPart No.Description
1 BG 835300 T430 machine tool alignment laser
1 BG 830930 IR remote control
1 IT 200400 Display unit/ultramobile – PC based
1 SW 200103 ProLine V4 software licence
1 SW 200030 ProLevel software licence
1 SW 200031 Pro MTA rightangles support software licence
1 BG 830440/1 R540 2-axis laser receiver
2 SP R280-P R280 laser receiver package
1 FIX DISTO-P V Displacement measurement for automatic straightness measurement
1 BG 830205/N New adapter for T430
1 BG 800026/N External power supply for T430
2 BT 800071 Akku Li-Ion for R280, R310, R540, R545
2 BT 800072 Charger for BT 800071 (R280, R310, R540, R545)
1 BG 830315 Magnetic foot for R540
2 BT 948157 Attachment rod 150 mm, 10 mm Ø length 150 mm attachment rod
1 BG 990100 Case incl. foam inserts – IP 65 – version T430
1 BT 908016 Battery E-Block / 9 Volt alkaline industrial/6LR61
1 BT 990054 Storage box – Twist Pack synthetic material
1 BT 991008 Certificate T430
1 BT 991002 User guide T430
1 BT 991013 Certificate R540 / R545
1 BT 991015 User guide R540
1 BT 991012 Licence, licence code for software
1 DBPA SP USB-MICRO USB stick Micro Twist, 4 GB
1 DBPA BA 1011 T430 handling notes, notes on safety