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"Guiding principles at Status Pro

The following ideas serve as an orientation for the way we do things at Status Pro. 

Our customers pay our wages 
Our Customers have wishes and expectations. Fulfilling these wishes and meeting these expectations is the measure of our success. Therefore customer oriented decision making at all levels is our most fundamental guiding principle. 

Innovation and reliability 
Our Innovation must be customer driven. We must then strive to make the innovation practicable and reliable. This we can only achieve through continuous improvement of our methods and procedures.

Respect und trust 
We are convinced that most people are willing to give their best to achieve the goals they understand and share. Any well functioning long term relationship must be based on a high degree of trust and respect. We must provide our employees with the information and the best tools and working environment possible, to facilitate this principle.

Consistency und teamwork 
In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, Investors and Business Partners we have no choice but to work consistently and as a team. Consistency and reliability are preconditions of real teamwork especially between different organisations. Therefore we must continuously strive for consistency and reliability."

David Foley (Management)