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Flange Flatness Measurement made simple

The new Sweep Laser T405 makes Flange Flatness Measurements more simple and fast. The T405 is ideal for Flange Measurement. It is a very compact  ca 100 mm Cube. It also has a motorised laser plane adjustment with bluetooth control.

pdf Download the brochure here

A new standard in Machine Tool Alignment

ProLine® – Straightness, Flatness, Parallelism and Squareness measurements with one system!

At the heart of the ProLine Package is the T430 which is a truly unique self-calibrating, completely digital, remote controllable and very high precision rotation laser. The clever little box also keeps an eye on its environment measuring temperature changes and vibration to ensure reliable results. The unit can “Buck-in” to a reference line or plane on command. No more endless pre-adjustment before measurements can begin. All components connect per Bluetooth. ( No cables in the way ) If you’re familiar with conventional alignment systems this will knock your socks off.

pdf Download the brochure here

ProLine V3 optimized

Tilt angle measurements are now possible by using the levelling system µLevel.

Measurement with µLevel
When using the Dual Axis Laser Receiver in addition to the μ-Level, the horizontal “Roll” as well as the horizontal and vertical shift can be measured.The Roll movement has a direct influence uponthe horizontal shift.

By pressing the 3D button in the main display, the display of the roll-behaviour appears: This is represented in three dimensions, how strong the measuring object is laterally tilted during the measurement.

For further information: pdf User Guide


The new ProLevel Video is online!

ProLevel is probably the most efficient System for flatness measurement over long distances.

Our engineer Mr. Erdmann will instruct you via Video.

ProGeo 3D – the 3D photogrammetry solution for machine builders

A complete system for a good price. Software is included. You may test it on-site.

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