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Laser Interferometer

ÁLine ľ Interferometrie

Interferometry with µLine®

Merkmale des μLine Systems:

  • Compensation unit is integrated in the laser head
  • Easy programmable in- and outputs
  • Wireless communication to sensor and PC
  • Speed up to 6 m/s in the base versionSmall size, case 350 x 200 x 250 mm
  • Option 2D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000!)
  • Option 3D Ethalon 90° (DIN 876 Grade 000! – also for ProLine Systems)

Detailed Interferometer Measurement – mounting included

Very fast measurement. The whole length of the machine bed in less than 2 minutes.

µLine Laser Interferometer setup and software compensation

The µLine 20 system is a easy to use but absolut high precision laser interferometer.
This video shows the usage of the system, how to align it and how to use the software.
If you perform the alignment a couple of times you will be able to do it within 5min.
Please have a look at the video for the first training.

µLine dynamic measurement, the fastest position measurement!

The µLine 20 system offers the fastest possible position measurement.
It is the first time that it is possible to measure during the movement of the axis.
The result is a faster measurement which is more precise and it offers
a large number of compensation points within a few minutes of measurement.
Perform a complete measurement with a couple of runs on a 5m machine within 15 min!
Of course the "old fashioned way" with the stops at every point are also possible.
Create a compensation file with a click and upload it to the CNC-control system.
Now you are able to turn your machine in a high precision machine within minutes!