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Alignment Kits

ProLine System for Straightness
Straightness with ProLine®

ProLine alignment kits save time and money and are easy to handle.

The newest invention is our ProLine 100 - 300 series with our new T430 laser!

What advantages does the ProLine® series have?

Digital laser measurement has been revolutionized by the T430 laser. It is the first system ever to incorporate measurement with computer controlled read-out. Even temperature, laser sensor data and vibration interference can be processed and displayed accordingly. 

With the T430 Status Pro has also developed the first self-calibrating laser. It can automatically align with the sensors and, thanks to Bluetooth, all its functions work in tandem. This enables easy handling and comprehensive read-out.

What makes the system so unique?

  • Setup between laser and receiver is almost fully automatic. Alignment can be conducted within minutes.
  • The self-calibrating function enables automatic levelling of the laser.
  • All components comunicate wirelessly.
  • Complete machine installation and calibration according to DIN and ISO standards with documentation

µLine System for Distance Measurement
Interferometry with µLine

Compensation unit is integrated in the laser head, easy programmable in- and outputs, wireless communication to sensor and PC, speed up to 6 m/s in the base version.

µLevel – Digital Spirit Level System for Machine measurement
Levelling with µLevel

μLevel is a precision Level system for the measurement of machines. According to your requirements we can offer a wide range from a simple handheld system up to a differential system with software.